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Little Offers Discounts On Rides In Partnership With EABL

Little, a leading Kenyan Super App has launched ‘Little party’ - an initiative advocating responsible drinking. Speaking about the campaign, Little CEO Kamal Budhabhatti emphasized the importance of cautious merrymaking especially during this festive season. “The festive season is a time to celebrate. However, statistically...

Alcohol and smoke disrupt sleeping pattern, new study

Evening smoking and drinking of alcohol and caffeine is greatly discouraged as its disrupts sleep

Heavy drinking alters DNA causing alcoholism

Two genes involved in the control of booze behavior changed through an alcohol-influenced gene modification process called methylation

Winery that uses condoms to produce fruit wines

This unusual procedure to make has been followed at Estevez’s winery for over 15 years and has become an attraction in Havana

Want to look hot? Try taking just one glass of this drink

People who are trying to impress a date with their good looks might want to limit themselves to one drink, a new study finds. People in the study were rated as more attractive after one glass of wine, but not after two glasses of...