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Kenya’s Businesses Dealing With 1400 Cyberattacks Each Week

2021 has seen a 29 percent rise in cyberattacks against businesses across the world. In Africa, this growing threat is driven by an increase in users accessing the internet, creating a larger pool of targets for criminals, which is what has been witnessed in...

How Data Centres Will Work By 2025, And How You Can Prepare For It

Data Centres: As digitization and technological advances hurtle towards a new, more integrated future, not all data centre owners will be equally equipped to handle the new levels of operational agility required. However, if risks and shortcomings within existing data centre systems and related...

Your network could be part of next global botnet attack

Without sufficient network protection your organization's devices can be used in cyber-attacks without your knowledge

Standard Chartered rolls out video-chat banking service

Standard Chartered Bank yesterday unveiled a video and chat-banking service to enhance its customer service. The technology project will allow clients to connect with banking agents via a secure video connection or through a chat and audio channel. Next Read: Govt puts banks on high alert...