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DEBUNKED: Bill Gates Neither Funded Nor Planned Covid-19 Pandemic

A poster of Bill Gates being ‘wanted’ for alleged “crimes against humanity’ was recently shared on social media forums in Kenya. The Poster lists...

Travel In a Post-COVID World: How Industry Players Need To Adapt To Survive

Businesses in the tourism industry that have managed to be resilient face arguably one of the most challenging times that the sector has ever seen and  need to adapt swiftly to service the consumers’ changing demands. This is according to Jiten Vyas, VFS Global Regional Group Chief Operating Officer - Australasia, China, Africa and Europe & CIS. VFS Global is the world's largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide.

Ten Year-Old Coding Champion Develops Educational Covid-19 Game

For Soliyana Gizaw Hunde, the ten year-old coder and recent winner of the inaugural AfriCANCode Challenge, a love of maths and science and a strong community spirit inspired her to develop a fun and engaging way to practice math and raise awareness of COVID-19 related health protocols. "Being part of the AfriCANCode Challenge has been fun, and winning the national and overall competition was very exciting," says Soliyana, who lives with her parents in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

How Has The Covid-19 Pandemic Affected Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and COVID-19: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many problems for everyone. By causing a global economic breakdown, it turned the world upside down....

Sidian Bank Records Tiny But Crucial Profit In a Tight Year

Financial Results: Sidian Bank, the mid-tier bank focusing on SMEs, has recorded a profit before tax of Ksh72 million for the year ended 31st...

KCB Sets Aside Fund For Schools Ahead of Resumption

The bank has introduced a new solution for financing infrastructure development, specifically targeting to meet the key compliance directives issued by the government in regards to COVID-19

NMG New Business Model Pushes Out More Employees

The restructuring follows a pay cut of 5% for the lower end of the target group and 35% for the high-end effected from May 2020.

Get Rich Quick & The Chameleon: The 3 Types of Kenyan Side Hustles

Side hustles are characterized by foundation, purpose of existence and age group. Where do you figure?

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Firms Announce Merger Deal to Expand Services

Dalberg Implement, a leader in on-the-ground program implementation with vast expertise in strategy execution, and Axum, an Afrocentric impact firm dedicated to fostering inclusive growth across the Global South, have announced a merger.

Odibets Launches Mega Water Project In Makueni

Odi Mtaani Foundation by online betting company Odibets, in...

Ivon Priscar Living Kenya’s e-Commerce Dream in Grocery Shopping

As Kenya's informal sector continues to thrive, companies like Kapu serve as catalysts for economic empowerment and resilience.

Rose Ntong’ondu: Popcorn Hawker Who Owns a Multi-Million Beauty Empire

Rose Ntong'ondu, founder of Makeup by Rose, is a Kenyan-based makeup artist, teacher, mentor, and beauty entrepreneur.

Kenya Re New Awards to Stimulate Swift Premium Payment

The Kenya Reinsurance Corporation (Kenya Re) has launched an award scheme to recognise insurance companies that remit premiums on time. T