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Samsung Electronics introduces the HotBlast Microwave Oven

Samsung Electronics East Africa, a global home appliance innovator, has launched the HotBlast™ Microwave Oven in the Kenyan market. The Microwave Oven incorporates new technology that makes it possible for a convection microwave to cook food up to 50% quicker than a traditional convection oven.

The HotBlast technology brings a whole new way of cooking to Kenya, producing food that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It is also fast, powerful and stylish, enhancing cooking experiences while saving users time and energy in the kitchen

“HotBlast™ technology, as its name suggests, produces powerful hot air which is blown through 52 air-holes in the top directly onto the food just like oven cooking. Food is cooked quickly and evenly with a crispy outside, but stays juicy inside due to the faster cooking time,” said Seok Min Hong, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics East Africa.

The new technology was built with an understanding that many people do not have the time to prepare meals the traditional way, yet they still want tasty, nutritious meals. The new Samsung HotBlast microwave makes it possible to make perfectly baked, grilled and slim fried dishes in minutes. The microwave oven also has a fermentation function that allows consumers to make their own homemade yogurt with no need for extra appliances. The new wider grill lets you brown food more evenly, while the oven’s large turntable accommodates bigger plates and even pizzas.

Samsung Electronics also understands the importance of saving energy and has an Eco Mode function on the HotBlast Microwave Oven. The microwave has a durable ceramic inside hence cleaning the microwave and keeping it scratch-free is very easy. Its smooth surface can be cleaned without scrubbing and won’t discolor over time. It is also highly rust and scratch-resistant, so it lasts longer

Samsung HotBlast technology takes fast cooking to new levels. The new microwave makes it possible to make perfectly baked, grilled and slim fried dishes in minutes.

 “For those people who are concerned about deep fried foods, we have the solution for you.  With the Slim Fry technology in the microwave, you can prepare healthier fried food without using a deep fryer. It combines a grill with hot air circulation that envelops food, so it is cooked crispy inside and out using only a touch of oil,” said Hong.

At Samsung, we understand that our customers want healthy, nutritious food that can be cooked quickly and easily. People are leading busy lives hence the need for appliances that make life easier – as well as those that add a sophisticated style to the kitchen design set-up. The Samsung HotBlast Convection Microwave Oven does just that.

It is available at select Samsung Brand Stores and authorised dealers countrywide at a recommended retail price of Ksh 29,999.

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