Uhuru Kenyatta Kiambu
This old woman defied security and hugged President Uhuru Kenyatta after giving him a gift of sugar-cane while on a tour of Kiambu. Photo / PSCU

President Uhuru Kenyatta today launched the Last Mile Connectivity Project in Kiambu County. The programme seeks to connect more people onto the national power grip under a subsidized arrangement where households pay only Ksh15,000 for connection. (See more photos below)

Uhuru Kenyatta Kiambu 2
FEEL AT HOME: This family feels more surprised than privileged to host the head of state at their house. The President is seen here holding a young girl who seems oblivious of his status. Photo / PSCU

The President toured Ndigu-ini village in Ndeiya to inspect the implementation of the project and visited homes that have just been supplied with electricity. He surprised one family by entering their semi-permanent house house and even sat on their old sofa, holding the youngest girl in the family.

Uhuru Kenyatta Kiambu 3
LET THERE BE LIGHT: President Kenyatta switches the lights on to signal arrival of electricity in this house.

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