Technology can bridge literacy gap

Technology is one of the country’s key drivers in realising vision 2030 and as a result the government has underscored universal access to ICTs...

Libya s*****y scam: Africa has k****d its own sun

African states have created the environment in their home countries that have made their citizenry so desperate and hopeless to want out

Super Rich Kenyans Who Are Not So Philanthropic!

When it comes to giving back to society and charity, the list of Kenyan billionaires, is almost always short.

5 b*****g tips that will keep your money safe

Win some, lose some, the old adage goes. If you lose money, never try to get it back by going over your limit. This usually leads to even bigger losses

Real estate investors discover Kenya’s working class

The last 20 years of real estate boom in East Africa has changed our building landscape and inventory. As it quite rightly should have...

Over 40 and still working in media? It’s time to leave

Your employer knows that a salary of 200,000 can employ four other youngsters who will do four times what you do

The Metamorphosis of Meetings

Virtual meetings need to become a mainstay after becoming a staple during the COVID-19 outbreak period

Secession debate should not divide Kenyans

It is only through the strengthening of devolution that Kenyans can reduce their obsession with the Presidency

It Took COVID-19 to Get University Innovations Noticed. Lets Support...

What we need as a country is to have formal consistent mechanism at each university or tertiary institution to identify, finance and promote campus innovations

 KRA’s Eye On Social Media Posts Enhances Tax Compliance

With the proliferation of social media platforms on which most people have had a tendency to share their ‘lavish’ lifestyles, many tax administrations globally have turned to conducting lifestyle audits for such taxpayers in order to determine whether they are tax compliant.