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NTT, Dimension Data Unveil Next Generation Platform For Managed Network Services

SPEKTRA ensures operational efficiency and abetter customer experience

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NTT Ltd, a leading IT infrastructure and services company and parent company of Dimension Data, on 25th May announced SPEKTRA (Sentient Platform for Network Transformation) as the next generation of its global services platform for NTT Managed Networks solutions.

The platform provides customers with a direct pathway towards network transformation, underpinned by NTT’s managed services experience, expertise, and expansive technical resources. According to NTT’s Global Network survey, 93% of organizations recognize the importance of the network as the backbone of digital transformation.

SPEKTRA builds on the comprehensive network management and monitoring capabilities of the Managed Campus Networks platform, which was first launched in April 2022. SPEKTRA encapsulates the company’s vision for a fully autonomous Network Operations Center (NOC) leveraging AIOps, predictive analytics, and automation techniques, leading to strengthened network performance and reliability, enhanced monitoring capabilities, and improved operational efficiency.

SPEKTRA incorporates cloud and edge capabilities and includes enhanced anomaly detection and root cause analytics that further improve both the proactive and pre-emptive functionality of the ticket management system. Additionally, SPEKTRA leverages edge platform capabilities to deliver more comprehensive network observability that enterprises are demanding.

SPEKTRA provides the capability to not only monitor our clients’ networks but also the services running on top of the networks and how applications are experiencing the network, giving clients much needed observability into the performance of their services and applications.

“The capabilities now available on the network to support business outcomes and digital services have become critical as services move to the cloud and edge. IT teams find themselves stretched trying to support business transformation while at the same time keeping up with the rapidly evolving technology introduced in the network for the next generation of services,” said Mr Andrew Ngunjiri, Head of Infrastructure, Technology Services at Dimension Data East Africa.

“A platform delivered service that can take advantage of both the advances in technology, including observability, automation and AIOps while still leveraging service maturity and delivery excellence will yield great benefits for our customers.”

“We believe the market for managed network services is poised for a seismic shift towards more AI-enabled, automated functionality that spans cloud and edge and will result in substantial customer benefits,” commented Amit Dhingra, EVP Managed Enterprise Services at NTT Ltd. “Our ability to deploy SPEKTRA to edge locations adds a level of visibility and observability for our clients from their edge locations through their networks.”

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