Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua says he has taken up the matter of teenage girls and boys posting nude photos on Instangram with President Uhuru Kenyatta with a view of security speedy response from State agencies.

Speaking with Royal Media Services’ online entertainment platform, eDaily, Mutua said he took advantage of the annual drama festival gala at State House to bring the President’s attention to the ensuing saga. He did not say what his reaction was.

But the government will have to seek help from Instagram to take down the photos, but the challenge of addressing moral decadency among the youth will still remain.

Though Instagram community rules prohibit nudity, unlike Facebook and Instagram, they are not strictly enforced, the reason why such conduct is permeating.

Those prohibited include photos, videos, and some digitally-created content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks. It also includes some photos of female nipples.

But photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding are allowed as well as nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures.

Kenyans have since Thursday been expressing anger and dismay on social media over the extent of moral decadency displayed by the youths, though some defended them saying they were being misled by their role models or lack one.

One suggested the war must start with socialites, who are fond of posting explicit photos on social media. Parenting has also come into question, a fact Mutua agrees with.

Following the outcry, some of the page administrators have started changing their names or pulling down some of the photos, which are, however, still available on Twitter and other forum. One warned its photographers to lie low  for now.

Earlier, on his Facebook page, Mutua had said the teenagers are behaving that ways because society has failed them.

#ifikiewazazi epitomises the culture of debauchery and deviance among the youth. It’s Project X in disguise. Our youth are defying authority – God, parents, Government etc. At the heart of this deviance is a disturbed voice of the youth who have lost sense of direction because we the adults have failed them. The parents have failed them. The media have failed them. The leadership has failed them. Religion has failed them. We must begin to have an honest conversation about the breakdown of the moral fabric. We have put priority on the physical infrastructure and neglected the moral infrastructure.

We have built the hardware but the software is faulty and must be fixed first:

Let me quote verbatim a post on fb by Tsarm Wachira which aptly captures everything about this subject:

The society is already immoral in that:

1. Programs like 10/10 are being aired live yet they are purely a promotion of immorality. And its just okay!
2. We have left the job of raising our kids to maids and shamba boys because we are too busy for them. And its just okay!
3. We have eye catching #KissCondoms adverts before and during prime time news. And its just okay!
4. We are taking our kids to clubs to learn from the best. And its just okay!
5. Foreign lewd/smutty/dirty/filthy/obscene/pornographic music reigns on our free-to-air Tv stations. And its just okay!

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6. We are hailing divorce and single parenthood in the name of ‘independence!’ And its just okay!
7. Local promoters of nudity and obscene music are deemed heroes. And its just okay!
8. Our homes have become ‘clearing & forwarding’ offices such that when our kids close school (boarding) we clear and forward them to ‘Shosh’s’ place to spend the rest of the holiday’s there. And its just okay!
Yes, #ifikiewazazi but we need more people like Ezekiel Mutua, the moral police, to straighten the crooked. And we need God more………..we are the problem.”


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