Makini Schools has introduced the Cambridge Curriculum to its offering on top of 8-4-4 and the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC).

Makini Schools on Thursday announced the introduction of the Cambridge Curriculum to its teaching portfolio.

The elite school will also continue to offer the normal national curriculums, both the 8-4-4 – which has been the schools’ hallmark of academic excellence – and the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) in which it is a government control school.

Cambridge Curriculum frameworks reflect the teaching targets for each year group and provide comprehensive learning objectives. The learning objectives provide a structure for teaching and learning and a reference against which learners’ abilities and understanding can be checked.

According to the institution, the addition will ensure that Makini meets the needs of all the learners and parents, and especially those seeking an international curriculum in the Kenyan setting.

The curriculum targets those seeking to pursue an international curriculum for High School, in particular class 8 learners.

“This is an international curriculum that delivers high-quality education but sustained at a mid-fee range, a curriculum that would enable a transition to the next grade level as well as an international curriculum enriched with Kenyan content and applicable to the requirements of our learners,” the institution said in a statement.

The Cambridge Curriculum will pioneer from Year 4 to Year 9 starting September 7, 2020.

“Makini Schools has always kept with the times and endeavors to continue being a leader in education and innovation. We ensure to meet the needs of our learners and live up to our education philosophy, which is to prepare our children for a happy and successful future in a forever changing world, ‘’ said Makini Schools Education Director, Angelica Ouya.

The Cambridge framework will provide for the key subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Other subjects include History, ICT (Computers), Physical Education, Geography and Global Perspectives. Swahili and French will be taught as additional languages.

“The Cambridge Curriculum will also kick off virtually in September and will be based on the same Makini ethos and values,” added Headteacher, Hezron Onyango, who is leading the implementation of the Cambridge curriculum.

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