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Lions eat man in Ongata Rongai

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Editor’s note: We would like to warn readers that images accompanying this article can be disturbing and therefore reader discretion is advised.

In a bizarre incident that has left many in shock, a pride of lions on Monday night attacked and partly ate a man in Rongai on the outskirts of Nairobi.

The lions, which strayed from the neighbouring Nairobi National Park, roamed the area the whole night causing in the sprawling estate, according to residents.

The attack took place at around 9PM as the man, whose identity is yet to be revealed, walked back to his house at the Rongai-Rimpa area along the Rongai-Kiserian road. The dismembered body of the deceased, which had most parts eaten by the apparently hungry lions, was taken away by the police yesterday morning.

A resident who talked to BusinessToday and shared the gross images from the scene, said stray lions have become a major  security threat in the area and have led to a self-imposed curfew by residents. “We have appealed to Kenya Wildlife Service but they don’t do anything,” he said, and called on its management to intervene and keep the lions in the park.

He said this is not the first time lions are terrorizing them. Recently, he said another man escaped death narrowly after he was attacked by a stray lion.


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man met cruel death by the jaws of lions.
The man met cruel death by the jaws of lions.

Gory remains of the man attacked by lions.

This latest attack comes barely three months after the uproar raised when KWS rangers killed a stray lion named Mohawk, in Isinya. Its killing came just days after another lion had attacked and injured an old man walking to work early morning on Mombasa Road, near Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

KWS officers were criticised for being cruel by shooting the lion instead of tranquilising it, but the organisation defended its staff saying the lion had become hostile due to the present of a large crowd of people and would have attacked them had they waited for tranquilisers from the headquarters about 50km away.

The latest attack and eating of a person in Rongai is likely to change the emotional uproar against the big cats, which have lately made a habit of roaming the streets at will.

The pride of Nairobi as the only city in the world with a national park is beginning to take on a negative connotation as attack become all too common.


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  1. Stop spreading false stories and get your facts straight before publishing such. No lions killed anyone. Your are a rumour monger and causing unnecessary trouble for innocent lions who do not attack and eat people! Get your facts straight and retract these false statements of yours!!!!!

  2. If you followed up with some minor investigation, you would find out that the drunk man, passed out in a thicket and was eaten by Hyaenas. Sad story.

  3. Lion or hyena i hope KWS will follow up seriously. I live near that area i have seen one fat hyena a couple of times. I called KWS and they were not of much help



    A forty-two year old man was mauled by a hyena at Kandisi area of  Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County  on Monday ( June 27, 2016) . KWS personnel sighted the body Tuesday morning (June 28, 2016) and reported the matter to the police.

    The body of the deceased was moved to the City mortuary in Nairobi awaiting post-mortem. The post-mortem examination will reveal whether the man was actually dead before being mauled by the hyena or if he died as a result of a hyena attack.

    KWS would like to clarify that contrary to reports circulating in a section of the media, the man was not mauled by a lion.


    For details please contact

    Ngugi Gecaga,

    Corporate Communications Manager

    Kenya Wildlife Service

  5. Even though it was true it’s a lion and some people know, they would cover up the truth. Many white Kenyans and white conservationists care about wild animals more than human life. After all, a black man is always a slave in the eyes of most white Kenyans and conservationists.

    • That’s not true and very racist. I know many, many black Africans who also care about, and love their natural and living heritage. That a man got killed by a hyaena is sad (not a lion,) but to turn this into a race issue is illogical and hateful. There is no place for that in Kenya. (PS – Do you think Kenyan politicians care about the average poor Kenyan???)


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