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Mombasa Road Nightmare: Stress and Anger as Kenyans Lose Time, Money

The contractor and the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) have found themselves on the receiving end of criticism for failing to put in place effective traffic management plans.

8 Factors That Increase Risk of Developing Blood Clots

More people succumb to the life-threatening conditions caused by thrombosis, the formation of a blood clot in blood vessels, than the total number of people who lose their lives to AIDS, breast cancer, and car crashes combined, every year.

Odibets Partners With Bahati To Support Small Scale Businesses

One of Kenya's leading betting firms, Odibets, has partnered with award-winning artist Kelvin Bahati in a promo dubbed "Pata Bahati ya biz na Odibets"....

8 African Highlights on Showmax

Season 6 of Big Brother Naija, themed ‘Shine ya eye!’, is now live streaming 24 hours a day on Showmax.

Nairobi Is Overrated, Get Out Of This Place And Prosper!

Twitter user Kadendi Wachosi shared the post 'Nairobi Is Overrated, Get Out Of This Place and Prosper'. In a country where living in the...

Village Life Tranquility That Nairobi’s Allure And Millions Can’t Match

I fell in love with Nairobi for some reasons: for opportunities, its liveliness, and the perceived ‘good’ life it offers. But after living for about a decade, I couldn’t figure out how I would continue with this city lifestyle before my head goes bald. Is life all about labouring to sustain the perceived good Nairobi type of living standard?

Technology Applying a Unique Coat On The Paint Industry

The history of paint has had a long, albeit colourful path, dating back from the Stone Age when man first discovered the ability to...

Ssaru Joins Global Stars on Spotify’s EQUAL Program

Ssaru looked forward to being a part of the EQUAL program, noting: "Being an EQUAL artist grants me tools to project positive vibrations to the entire human race the best way I know how, which is limitless."

Kibera Rapper Katapila Gets Sh1 Million After Winning Odinare Rap Challenge

Popular Kenyan musician Khaligraph Jones in partnership with betting firm Odibets on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 unveiled the winner of the "Odinare" rap challenge....

Outgoing Professor Leaves Ksh109M Parting Gift for University

Dr. Mutunga lauded Professor Zeleza for leaving an indelible mark on the history of the University.