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The Personal Assistant Every Boss Wants to Have

Andrew Osundwa joined a class that had 11 men and 30 ladies but by the end of the course only two men remained in the class.

Six tips on how to prepare a road trip of your...

Travel insurance is vital, ensure such elements as road rescue, medical insurance, out of network cover and transport back home

Village Life Tranquility That Nairobi’s Allure And Millions Can’t Match

I fell in love with Nairobi for some reasons: for opportunities, its liveliness, and the perceived ‘good’ life it offers. But after living for about a decade, I couldn’t figure out how I would continue with this city lifestyle before my head goes bald. Is life all about labouring to sustain the perceived good Nairobi type of living standard?

New Sh3 billion hotel opens in Kilifi

Sliver Palm Spa and Resort has 38 rooms with sophisticated design that reflect the modern contemporary Swahili influences

How to make sure you keep new year resolutions

Excited about making New Year’s resolutions this year? Keep this in mind, or you might burn out too quickly like most Americans.New Year’s is...

5 reasons you should detox from social media

Have you ever counted the amount of time you spend on social media platforms? You'll be amazed. Social media is like a drug. The same...

HELB Extends 100% Penalty Waiver

The waiver dubbed 'Kamilisha Malipo ya Helb' was originally slated to run from 1st March 2022 to 30th April 2022.

Rising star of Samburu bead work

Ntushukwa Lekerpees, an IT graduate, turns traditional Samburu style into a thriving business Ms Ntushukwa Lekerpees, 21, sits under a shed beside a small storehouse...

Weholite Treatment Plants Set To Replace Traditional Septic Tanks

Megapipes Solutions Ltd has introduced manufactured treatment facilities used for treating sewage water known as Weholite packaged wastewater treatment plants. The packaged plants, which will...

Special Africa Magic Holiday Pop-up Channel For DStv and GOtv

The AM Holiday pop-up channel will give viewers a front-row seat from the comfort of their homes to the biggest Nigerian music and worship festivals.