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Supreme Court on Divorce: No 50:50 Wealth Splits

The bone of contention was whether assets in divorce cases should be distributed on a 50-50 basis or on the basis of individual contributions to their acquisition. Article 45(3) of the constitution does not state distribution should be on a 50:50 basis or provide a mathematical formula of sharing matrimonial property.

ChildFund, LEAP Africa Roll Out Youth Development Programs In 9 Countries

ChildFund International and LEAP Africa, an organization that promotes youth leadership, have partnered to implement youth development programs in Kenya and eight other African...

Why Citizen TV Still Pays Johnson Mwakazi Years After Anchor Left

Mwakazi continues to monetize his voice through the venture he established in 2013. He can still be heard on several Citizen TV promos and advertisements.

Maxine Wahome: How Embattled Rally Star Rose to The Top

Khan played a big role in her come-up in the rally world. In a past interview, Wahome named him as her coach and credited her with getting her her first rally car and building her another, which she uses in competitions to date.

14 TV Series to Enjoy this December

Here are shows you can enjoy this festive season.

Apology Saves Ndichu Twins as Murgors Withdraw Case

The ODPP had earlier recommended the twins be charged with assáult and malícious damage to property. And even as the Ndichus' attempted to gag media coverage of the case, a Nairobi court declined to suspend their prosecution.

Elani’s Maureen Makes Acting Debut in Showmax Christmas Movie

"I have always felt that our content sometimes doesn’t take significant calendar events like Christmas into account. A Familiar Christmas captures the mood of the season from our perspective; it’s a step to bring our content and culture home.”

PrideInn Accelerates Expansion With Diani Hotel Upgrade

The upgraded hotel can accomodate up to 80 guests per night.

Uhuru’s Retirement Lifestyle in 1,000-Acre Narok Ranch

Uhuru's vast ranch overlooks the Mara triangle - a wildlife-rich area managed by the non-profit organization The Mara Conservancy. It is typically less visited and crowded compared to the Maasai Mara National Reserve, and is one of the prime viewing locations for the Great Wildebeest Migration.

Meet the Man Behind the African Electric Guitar

In an interview, Olaleye told Business Today that he established the company out of a desire 'to see Africa thrive on the world stage and be at the forefront of innovation. The company caught the eyes of many with its flagship product, the African electric guitar.