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How To Calculate The Area of a Rectangle

A rectangle is a quadrilateral with four right angles and equal opposite sides. Calculating the area of a rectangle is an important math skill...

Statistics And Figures on Mental Health in Kenya

Mental Health in Kenya: The alarming severity of COVID-19 has led to an unfortunate increase in mental health disorders globally. Fundamental changes in lifestyle,...

What Are The Causes Of Narcissism?

Causes Of Narcissism: A healthy ego can be a good thing. It means that you're capable of seeing the merits of your accomplishments and...

Top 10 Side-Hustles Kenyan Journalists Ventured Into During Covid-19

The data paints a bleak picture of a dire situation that many Kenyan journalists found themselves in. Many, however, were able to weather the storm by taking up side hustles.

Viral ‘Ugali Man’ Served a Delicious Advertising Deal

Three weeks ago, a hilarious video of a man eating ugali in the most ridiculous way took the internet by storm. The man later...

‘Ugali Man’ Charles Odongo Bags Endorsement Deal After Going Viral [VIDEO]

He is the latest creator in Kenya reaping big from what is a fast evolving, multi-million shilling creative economy.

Exclusive Club Where Gun Owners Meet, Compete in Kenya [PHOTOS]

The stunning range located in the middle of a Kiambu coffee farm is actually a rehabilitated quarry. Construction began in 2016. Now, it includes 12 bays which play host to gun-loving Kenyans everyday as well as various competitions.

SportPesa Delivers Maternity Facilities For Slum Health Centre

SportPesa Foundation has supported Lunga Lunga Health Centre to the tune of Ksh1.7 million as part of its contribution towards making its new maternity wing...

Safaricom On Track For a Tree Planting Record

Safaricom has announced that it is on course to plant one million trees by end of this year as part of efforts to grow...

How to Cope With Mid-Year Pressure in 2021

While it may not be realistic to scale down on your responsibilities, try these ways to boost your wellbeing and calm your mind so that you’re better able to cope with the challenges of the day.