Passengers on the Nairobi-Kisumu train on December 17, 2021. [Photo/ Kenya Railways]
Passengers on the Nairobi-Kisumu train on December 17, 2021. [Photo/ Kenya Railways]

Kenya Railways on Tuesday, June 7 confirmed the introduction of a night train for the Nairobi-Kisumu passenger service.

The first night train will depart Nairobi for Kisumu on Friday, June 10th at 6.30 PM. It is scheduled to arrive in Kisumu at 6.30 AM.

The night train from Kisumu to Nairobi is also scheduled to depart the lakeside city at 6.30 PM on Friday, June 10th. It will arrive at the Nairobi Central station at 6.30 AM.

The night trains to and from Kisumu are scheduled to run every Friday and Sunday.

The Kisumu Safari Train, as it is officially known, was re-introduced at the end of 2021 after a 15-year absence. Its reintroduction followed refurbishment of the metre gauge railway (MGR).

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While demand was high at the time of launch during the festive period, observers questioned why it only operated during the day. Several passengers and Kenyans had requested for a night train to be introduced on the route.

For economy class, passengers travelling between Nairobi and Nakuru pay Ksh300, Nakuru to Kisumu Ksh400 and Nairobi to Kisumu Ksh600.

A restaurant car between the first class coaches and economy coaches serves light and heavy meals as well as drinks.

The train is comparatively cheaper than buses which many use to travel to the Western region. A 7-hour bus ride from Nairobi to Kisumu costs anywhere between Ksh1200 and Ksh2000.

First-class passengers on the Nairobi-Kisumu trainΒ  pay Ksh2,000.

Perks available to first-class passengers include access to Wi-Fi, charging ports, refreshments and spacious closets for luggage storage.

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