CS Najib Balala gifts a traveler at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve yesterday.
CS Najib Balala gifts a traveler at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve on August 23, 2021.

Kenya is looking to attract international luxury travelers as part of a strategy to revive the tourism sector and as part of expanding the tourism market basket. The absence of international tourists coupled with travel restrictions occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in reduced travel globally and travelers with specific preferences which are value for their money.

The government has now set eyes on luxury travelers as it seeks to continue the recovery path of the tourism sector through targeted marketing strategies in several markets.

Speaking from the Maasai Mara as he welcomed tourists aboard the inaugural Roar Africa and Emirates Executive Private Jet Safari- (a World-Class Conservation Safari) Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala said that the destination is proving to be attractive to luxury travellers especially with Kenya having unique travel opportunities and new developments in the country.

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“Over the years we have been working towards profiling Kenya to niche clients who have specific preferences and needs and that’s the reason we have been diversifying our products to suit each market segment. It is important to mention that Kenya was selected for this trip because we have a unique and iconic tourism product, the wildebeest Migration at the Maasai Mara and luxurious accommodation facilities that suit the needs of the high-net-worth traveler who wants value for their money,” said CS Balala

He added that he was glad to see travelers re-ignite their love for Kenya, resonating with the current marketing strategy calling on travelers to rediscover Kenya’s magic. Kenya has something for each and every traveler. “The visit by this high-level delegation is testament to the fact that Kenya is a consideration to the niche luxury traveler who is attracted to specific experiences and offerings. Our goal is to build on this as we work towards expanding into different market segments in the short and long term”

The trip dubbed the ‘Greatest Safari on Earth’ By Roar Africa and Emirates Airlines is an extraordinary ‘bucket list’ luxury travel experience designed to preserve and support Africa’s wildlife, wildlife spaces, and communities. All proceeds from the trip will go towards supporting wildlife conservation efforts in the destinations visited.

The trip delivered 15 guests from the United States (US) in unbridled luxury to four iconic African destinations that offer the ultimate adventure and encounters with environmental educators and conservation change makers.

The 12-day $125,000-per-person (Ksh13.7 million-per-person) getaway will see the guests tour iconic destinations in Africa including Kenya which was selected thanks to the unique and authentic natural safari experience capped by the annual Great Wildebeest Migration and luxurious accommodation and amenities that suit their needs.

Kenya has in the past prioritized product diversification aimed at positioning the country as the go-to destination for all cadres of travelers. Through the Magical Kenya Signature Experiences program, the destination has enhanced its diversity in offerings, a move CS Balala believes is key to the country’s tourism sector. “The Signature Experiences are lifetime experiences that range from adventure, conservation, heritage, cultural immersion, wellness to alternative safaris, all of which visitors can get to see, visit and experience while in the destination. This program will continue to play a big role in attracting international travelers who are keen on authentic experiences. This is in addition to continued publicity and marketing of other tourism products Kenya is well known for like the beaches.” added CS Balala.

In 2020 Kenya was ranked as Africa’s leading tourist destination by the World Travel Awards (WTA), cementing her position as a preferred travel destination to international travelers.

Luxury travel is growing to become a key segment in the industry with several key developments currently ongoing, expected to boost the sector. The newly constructed Lamu Port is touted to be a game changer expected to boost cruise tourism as well as improvement of airports and airstrips.

The visit by the travelers comes at a high season for the tourism sector with the annual Twin Migration (Wildebeest Migration and the Humpback Whale Migration) currently ongoing.

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