Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Friday launched its 6th corporate plan that will run for the next three years (2015/16 – 2017/18). It will provide a roadmap for the authority to attain revenue collections of up to Kshs 5.2trillion in the next three years.

It will also provide a framework for further transformation at the authority as it’s seeks to facilitate Kenya’s Ease of Doing Business ranking scores among other critical elements. As part of the plan, KRA is committed to improving Kenya’s doing business ranking to top 50 within the next  3 years and the enhancement of Border Control as part of the overall national security improvement.

KRA inaugurates the implementation of the 6th Corporate Plan having posted impressive revenue figures during the previous plan with significant growth  in revenue collections (from Kshs800.5 billion -20012/13, to Kshs963.8 billion -2013/14, to Kshs 1,trillion-2014/15 a growth of 15% over the plan period).

Speaking at the launch, KRA’s Commissioner General John Njiraini said: “The Plan presents KRA’s strategic direction towards the actualization of its vision, to facilitate our transformation agenda, through Innovative, Professional and Customer-Focused Tax Administration. The blueprint dubbed Vision 2018 which consists of 12 specific and measurable Performance Indicators.”

Implementation to the plan seeks to increase revenue collection from Ksh1,067 million in 2014/15 to 2,050 million in 2017/18, improve the paying taxes rank from 102 to 50, raise electronic filing and payment to 80% from (20% in 2014/15),and zero tolerance to corruption.

“We have rolled out the process of changing our tax compliance approach to focus more on customer facilitation which  involves building trustful relationships internally (amongst staff) and externally (with taxpayers and other stakeholders) as the impetus to sustain tax compliance enhancement in the long term. KRA’s Commissioner General, John Njiraini added.


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