KAA Managing Director and CEO Jonny Andersen addresses the media while launching public participation on the PIIP by KQ earlier this year. KAA is auctioning 11 planes at very low prices.

The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) has invited bids for 11 ‘junk’ planes worth a total cost of Ksh13.9 million.

One of the planes, Aircraft BE55 BARON registration number 5Y AUS which is operated by Queensway Air Services is being auctioned at Ksh94,300 while Aircraft PA 23 registration number 5H-SKT operated by Phoenix Aviation is being auctioned at Ksh120,000.

In a notice published in local dailies on Tuesday, KAA through Galaxy Auctioneers has called for a public auction on August 9, 2019 to be held at Wilson Airport.

According to the notice, the authority has also set the viewing dates between July 24, 2019 to August 8, 2019.

The planes on sale include;

KAA however has a number of conditions before anyone acquires any of the planes.

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  • All interested purchasers are required to view the planes strictly on the set dates.
  • All interested purchasers will be required to pay a deposit of Ksh100,000 for the planes before the auction date.
  • Where the bid price is lower than the deposit price, the bidder will be refunded the difference between the bid and the deposit amount on presentation of the receipt.

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  • Where the bid price is higher than the deposit, the bidder will need to pay not less than 25% of the total value while the balance must be paid within 24 hours failure to which the award will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited and the item sold to the second highest bidder.


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