Mwakazi is expected to take up a senior position in management

Prominent TV presenter Johnson Mwakazi has found a new job. The former Citizen TV presenter is joining Ebru TV as a senior manager.

It is understood that Ebru TV has been talking to Mwakazi, who is currently CEO of WTV, and may have reached a deal. Mwakazi was approached to be part of the new management that will take over the running of Ebru TV once a buyer is picked.

“Mwakazi will part of the new management according to what I know,” said a senior journalist at Ebru TV. “I see him here with the other guys (management) often.”

Ebru TV Director General Nadir Kilic confirmed to Business Today that the television station, which has offered itself for takeover due to cashflow issues, has poached Mwakazi from WTV. “Yes,” Kilic curtly responded when this writer asked him whether they were hiring the journalist, whose job was left hanging on a loose thread after WTV, one of the newest television stations in Kenya, was shut in December last year.

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The station, which started in June 2013 and known in full as Wholesome TV, suspended broadcasting news and other locally produced programmes on December 5th, 2016, until further notice. It’s said the station was not making money from advertising and sponsorships and investors behind it called some time off to restrategise.

At Ebru, Mwakazi is expected to take up a senior position in management, having honed his skills at WTV in running a media house. Ebru management is currently reviewing bids by five buyers who have shown interest in buying the TV station. If the buyout fails, it will be a jump from the frying to the fire for Mwakazi who will have to deal with similar, or even worse, financial deficiencies.



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