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One of Uganda’s biggest piggeries, Nakifuma Farm, has partnered with Kenya’s Melpa farm to create one of the biggest piggeries in the county dubbed Nakifuma Farm Kenya in Maraka Ward, Webuye East Sub-county, Bungoma County.

According to the proprietors, the piggery will be the home to over 10,000 pigs and piglets living in luxurious conditions including resting on expensive pads, feeding on special diets and drinking water directly through taps.

“This project will change Webuye East and Bungoma forever. This is a great opportunity for us to revive our Agriculture sector and I call upon the County Government to create positive enabling environments for Agriculture to flourish,” Joseph Lendrix Waswa, Project Founder and Chairman Melpha Group.

Currently, Bungoma County has around 35 piggeries at various capacity stages in the county, and an addition of a large-scale pig farm will open more opportunities for pig farming in the county.

“Nakifuma Farm Kenya should offer training opportunities for smaller pig farming entrepreneurs to establish their farms to expand the pig farming market in Bungoma,” Geoffrey Wafula, a farming consultant says.

According to site engineer David Nganga, construction of the 13-acre farm will be completed within two months, setting the stage for the official launch in March.

The project is also expected to provide direct and indirect employment opportunities to thousands of Bungoma residents.

“The project will provide many advantages to Webuye residents and the larger Bungoma County. We will directly affect the Pig Feeds market and provide quality products for the markets around us,” Waswa says.

Joseph Lendrix Waswa, Project Founder and Chairman Melpha Group
Joseph Lendrix Waswa, Project Founder and Chairman Melpha Group in one of the piggeries. [Photo/ Courtesy]
In the already established Nakifuma Farm in Uganda, with the prevalence of pig diseases, the company has a full biosecurity system, restricting access to the farm and the pig unit and requiring all staff and visitors to undergo a full dry change of clothing and footwear to enter the farm and a further full shower, clothing and footwear change to access the pigs.

Here’s a video preview of the farm:-

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