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GUIDE: Huawei’s Plan for a Connected Future Revealed

Huawei's new strategic direction is to be pursued for the next ten years

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Huawei technologies will accelerate its drive for businesses to adopt environmentally friendly technologies as more organizations connect to and use the Internet to communicate with other companies and individuals.

In a new strategic direction to be pursued for the next ten years, the firms announced that it will focus on enabling organizations to adopt technological infrastructure that is sustainable and able to communicate with a wide range of other technologies as the world rapidly moves into an era of connectivity between people, companies and devices.

Known as GUIDE, an acronym for “Gigabit everywhere, Ultra-automation, Intelligent multi-cloud connection, Differentiated Experience, and Environmental Harmony”, Huawei’s new business direction is anchored on the reality of technological developments including 5G mobile telephony, electric and self-driving vehicles and 360-degree interactive video broadcasts.

Speaking during the opening of the Mobile World Congress taking place in the Spanish city of Barcelona, President of Carrier Marketing & Solution Sales Peng Song said, “We are pursuing the GUIDE is Now today as our foundation for the near future in which businesses, homes and individuals are connected all the time, most processes and decisions are automated and consumers increasingly want unique, on-demand, experiences”.

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Song noted that as the firm’s Intelligent World 2030 report predicts, by 2030, globally, there will be 1.6 billion fiber broadband subscribers, the world will generate more than 200 billion connections, and all of these connections will be intelligent.

In addition, by expanding into outer space and the ocean, these next-generation networks will be used to build future cities that break the boundaries of space.

For Huawei, the Guide is Now blueprint defines how the firm will address these opportunities over the next decade. This includes proposing a shared business vision for the digital world, which integrates service development, operational efficiency, business value, and social contribution; continuously developing innovative technologies to address new business challenges and; planning for markets at different stages of development to help operators find the most suitable path for their own network evolution.

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