K**S 100 Radio presenter Caroline Mutoko found herself at the receiving end of angry Kenyans when she posted on her Facebook Page that she hoped Kenyan ministers George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode, who d**d following a plane c***h in Ngong Forest yesterday morning, “d**d quickly” triggering a firestorm on social media.

Mutoko, who has 62,000 fans on Facebook found herself left with nothing other than defend her post, as people continued pouring scorn, with over 1,120 comments flocking her wall.

Her post read: “I didn’t know Prof Saitoti or Hon Ojode but I’m shocked & also sad. Given the narrative of what happened I really hope they didn’t have to suffer the f**e in the helicopter. It is my prayer that they d**d quickly. May their souls rest in peace. My thoughts & prayers are with their families. This must be painfully shocking to them.

She then apologised and called those who condemned her post “simpletons”. She added that she had just been misquoted by the social media users.

“Anybody daft enough not to understand that I am concerned about the pain and suffering of dying by f**e should unfriend this page immediately. The only prayer one ever says for those they love and care about is a quiet & peaceful d***h.”

“That you don’t understand that this p**************o flames. That d***h by burning is the most horrific & worst pain imaginable & that my prayer is that they didn’t suffer that ordeal, is sad.”

She even dared those not happy with her sentiments to quit her page, adding that it is better for her to have 5 people who can think than 61,000 idiots. “I’m fed-up with having to explain the most basic of life concepts to simpletons. Please leave. Click the button & be gone!!! I’d rather have 5 people who can think than 61 thousand idiots. How dare you turn a simple status on a simple matter into your usual idiotic rubbish.”

With some of her followers claiming that she was arrogant and insensitive, Mutoko posted: “Ohh, before I go off and be with my guests and leave you to your devices. Another tiny clarification. Seeing s’one on TV doesn’t mean you know them. I never met either man, talked to them personally or been in the same room. I can say with 100% certainty that I didn’t know them. I’m not one to be pretentious & post an update that implies we were fast friends & close relatives. That’s disrespectful & daft at best.”


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