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The Secret to Levelling Up Your Business in 2021

It’s easy to get stuck into a day-to-day routine in your business. Seeing how other companies do something can provide a fresh perspective and help you think in creative new ways.

Hudaco Kenya Offers Best Security And Telecommunications Solutions

Hudaco Kenya, a member of the Hudaco Industries Group, is backed by experience and expertise in the importation, distribution and support of only best-of-breed...

10 Strategic Steps You Can Take to Strengthen Your Business

It takes courage to lead with an infinite mindset because success might not show immediately, but if you adopt it as a corporate strategy, you’ll build a stronger, more stable, more innovative, and inspiring company.

Nakuru-Based Mojo Skincare Products Giving Big Players a Run For Their...

Last year, Mojo Skincare Products Ltd marked a milestone by rolling out the Mojo Hand and Body lotions as part of its 2020 products line in four variants - Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Glycerin. “Our lotions feature hand-picked, cutting edge formulation that is suitable and friendly for every skin type, tested and declared safe for use,” says Judith Musembi, the company's managing director.

Giraffe Manor: Meet The Couple Behind World-Famous Hotel [PHOTOS]

Giraffe Manor is one of four luxury lodges and camps that make up the couple's hospitality group. They met in their early 20's and share a love for adventure and wildlife.

Homeboyz: How DJ Brothers Mixed Their Way Into Millions

So how exactly did the deejay brothers go on to build an entertainment empire? An interview with one of their earliest employees, events and marketing guru Fakii Liwali, offered interesting insights on the behind-the-scenes work that went into growing the operation to what it is today.

Minet Group, Africa Lighthouse Capital Acquire Aon Botswana 

Minet Group CEO, Mr Joe Onsando said this acquisition is significant to its growth plan. “The addition of Minet Botswana to our growing African network affirms our belief in the great opportunities for growth that Africa offers, driven by rising consumer demand, huge investment in infrastructure and quick adoption of new technology," Onsando said. He said the transaction significantly adds to the diversity and skills base of its team and will have a positive impact on the range of products and services it provides.

Flaws In The Certified Managers Bill That Must Be Addressed

For an occupation to become a profession, it must have a common body of knowledge; a certification system of the knowledge; methods of using the knowledge for the public good and mechanisms for enforcing an ethical code of conduct. Notwithstanding these tenets of professionalism, here are critical issues that the mover of the Bill, Hon. Gladys Wanga, needs to address before it becomes law.

Ranking of African Airlines With Covid Effect

The AFRAA Air Transport Report 2020, dated May 2021, shows that African airlines globally carried more domestic traffic last year, representing about 43% of the total traffic. The leading carriers in terms of domestic traffic include Safair, Ethiopian Airlines, Mango Airlines, and Air Algerie. “Those 5 airlines carried 4.8 million passengers on domestic routes during the year,” says the report. “International traffic represented 57%, breaking down into 19% of Intra-African and 38% of intercontinental passengers.”

Tech Startup Bets On Bulk SMS Services in Kenya

According to the Communications Authority of Kenya, the total SMSes sent from local mobile networks stood at 69.6 billion. This makes SMS a powerful marketing tool for businesses. The 5G network is expected to make SMS marketing more effective as links will open fast for clients resulting in more conversion rates. We caught up with Ian Kibet, the Director of Shara Solutions that has recently launched bulk SMS services targeting small and medium sized businesses to explain how the model works.