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Babu Owino’s Testimony During Jalang’o Interview Sparks Outrage [VIDEO]

Many raised questions on DJ Evolve's welfare and the fate of the case.

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Babu Owino on Wednesday, February 10 took to the Kiss FM morning show hosted by Kamene Goro and Jalang’o to speak on his sobriety, leaving numerous Kenyans livid.

“It has been 1 year 27 days since I drunk alcohol, ever since (sic) I smoked Bangi (Marijuana), ever since I took Busaa and Chang’aa and any other drug that is an insinuating factor. As Babu Owino, I am now sober 100 per cent (sic)” uttered the infamous Embakasi MP, insisting his focus was on serving his constituents.

It is instructive to note that Babu was on January 27, 2020 barred by Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi from indulging in any alcohol or narcotics in any public establishment until his attempted murder case is heard and determined.

Babu’s interview rubbed a section of Kenyans the wrong way, with some accusing him of misusing political power and attempting to clean up his image as they demanded justice for Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve, the shooting victim in Babu’s case.

Many raised questions on DJ Evolve’s welfare and the fate of the case.

Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve on the decks before he was shot in January 2020

“Honestly, even the media should be held accountable! People sat down and decided let us give Babu Owino a platform to re-invent himself?” posed one Muthoni.

“We do not care (for his sobriety)! He shot DJ Evolve. Where is the justice? Media can be such a let down sometimes. Why host a fellow like this and not put him to task for his actions?” wrote Kavsmaina.

“This is lazy journalism,” shared Brian Mbunde.

In January 2020, Owino was arrested for shooting an unarmed nightclub DJ in the neck at close range while at a local bar within Kilimani area in Nairobi. According to Owino, he acted in self-defence after he was provoked. A video of the shooting was published by several media houses, with Babu seen shooting the DJ and dragging his body out of the night club alongside other unidentified persons.

On March 3rd 2020, Justice Luka Kimaru stated, the consideration for cash bail to be used for treatment for the DJ was not proper as an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. The Judge then lowered the cash bail for Embakasi East MP to Ksh5 million from the initial Ksh10 million.

Contrary to the netizens reaction, Babu maintained that his constituents were behind him, asserting: “The great people of the Embakasi East republic are so proud of me, In fact out of ten, eleven are supporting me, because of the great work I have done to them (sic).”

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He also advised the radio presenters to show listeners how to maintain a happy marriage, citing his 11-year experience as a loving husband to his wife, Fridah Ongili.

“As Babu, I am a loving husband and responsible father to my kids, personally having a wife I thank her for standing by me and I reciprocate by loving her,” Babu said.

“To men, treat your women nicely, take her for coffee dates, lunch dates, treat her like the first day you two met, and she will be loyal to you. Appreciate her beauty, her hair, communicate with her, ask her if she has eaten, create time to discuss issues. Also have sex outside your house. You can do trips because those are things other men will entice her with but above all belief in the almighty God.

“To the ladies, appreciate your men do not be the bossy lady. Men also need attention. Postpone the fights until you calm down, have pillow talks, cook for your man, wash his clothes,” he recommended

Sample some of the reactions to Babu’s Interview below:

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  1. From a murderer to a maths professor and now a marriage counselor, he never ceases to amaze! But people deserve the leaders they get! i regret voting this clown!


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