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At MKU, Successful Women Mentor Female Students

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Mount Kenya University has started a mentorship programme for female students. MKU co-founder, Dr Jane Nyutu, led the inaugural forum last Saturday, where a team of women achievers talked to the students on how to overcome Covid-19 blues and how to manage life during and after college.

Dr Nyutu noted that women go through many challenges. “When girls join campus, they come with expectations, energy and different characters,” she said. “They may assume that campus is a paradise where there are no challenges, money will be available, where friendship and relationships last and studies will run smoothly.”

Dr Nyutu advised students to live within their means. “You will face all kinds of challenges, but be careful. Think twice whenever you get offers for lunch or a drink. Ask yourself whether you are ready to pay the price.”

Dr Nyutu said students should take time off books to get a balanced life. “If you do not take breaks and recharge yourself, then you might have some problems. If you do not balance academic work and leisure, your academic life will suffer,” she said.

Dr Nyutu, who started MKU alongside Prof Simon Gicharu, holds a PhD in counselling. She said while researching for her Thesis, she discovered that counselling helped students to stay in school. “You have great potential. Believe in yourself and get rid of gender biases that work against you,” she told the students during the forum at MKU Thika Campus.

Gospel musician Ruth Matete, one of the speakers, urged students to avoid pleasing other people at the expense of their mental health. “We put so much pressure on ourselves. You will find many people who have this pleasing people syndrome and live for what other people think of them. They will do things that they do not necessarily like just because they want to make other people happy. Always try to do what make you happy,” she said.

Lillian Kasanga, a marketer, a strategist and a published author, also spoke to the students.

“You are in a race, an individual race. Run your race to win the prize. That is the goal of every athlete. Excel in whatever you do. Do not slow you down,” she said.

Lydia Gachungi-Kiniti works for a leading global NGO and is based in Ethiopia, encouraged the students to stay focused and avoid distractions. “There are many opportunities, and you can do it. Retain your dignity. You do not want to look back and regret,” she said.

“You can do anything and rise to any level and become the person you want to be. You have the power to make it or break it. There is no limit, you can go as high as you want.” (the-star.co.ke)

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