Jimmy Wanjigi for President? Billionaire Throws Hat in 2022 Ring

    Jimmy Wanjigi is best known to many Kenyans as a high-rolling power broker and businessman worth billions of shillings. Soon, however, he might be a name on the ballot in the 2022 Presidential elections after confirming his interest in the top seat.

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    Hackers Issue Illegal Approvals After Breaching NMS System

    They targeted the system's Quick Response (QR) code, part of the e-construction development plans application system. With the digitally signed approvals, developers do not require hard copies with stamps as evidence of the city's permission.

    SuperSport’s SuperTube Goes Live Ahead Of Euro 2020 Kickoff

    It’s fast, it’s fresh and it’s finally here – SuperSport’s all-new show, SuperTube. Made in collaboration with YouTube, the online show debuted on Wednesday...

    Statistics And Figures on Mental Health in Kenya

    Mental Health in Kenya: The alarming severity of COVID-19 has led to an unfortunate increase in mental health disorders globally. Fundamental changes in lifestyle,...

    What Are The Causes Of Narcissism?

    Causes Of Narcissism: A healthy ego can be a good thing. It means that you're capable of seeing the merits of your accomplishments and...

    Skills Needed to Protect a Digitally Driven Organization

    To help ensure business resilience, they must look at training staff entering the market for the first time and supplementing their skills with those relevant to their requirements. It makes sense for the organisation to reskill and upskill new workers with training built on practical data and cybersecurity requirements.

    Employee Privacy Just as Important as Consumer Privacy

    Rather than trying to evade these legal minefields, employers should look to build trust between themselves and employees, and build a safe and compliant environment where privacy is assured.

    Moyale One Stop Border Post Set to Boost Kenya-Ethiopia Trade [PHOTOS]

    Moyale is the only gazetted border crossing point between Ethiopia and Kenya. A fully functional OSBP is expected to reduce the border crossing time by at least 30 percent, to enable faster movement of cargo and people.

    Top 10 Side-Hustles Kenyan Journalists Ventured Into During Covid-19

    The data paints a bleak picture of a dire situation that many Kenyan journalists found themselves in. Many, however, were able to weather the storm by taking up side hustles.

    An Industry in Growth: Online Sports Betting In Africa Is On the Rise

    Online Sports Betting in Africa: Sports betting has been a part of human culture since the dawn of time. From the days when gamblers...

    Viral ‘Ugali Man’ Served a Delicious Advertising Deal

    Three weeks ago, a hilarious video of a man eating ugali in the most ridiculous way took the internet by storm. The man later...

    Mobile Loans: StanChart Takes on Big Boys With New App

    Unlike platforms such as NCBA-backed M-Shwari or KCB M-Pesa, Standard Chartered is pursuing a notably different strategy with its mobile credit facility - with less focus on mass-market penetration.

    Multichoice Unveils EURO 2020 Games Line-Up For DStv, GOtv Viewers

    MultiChoice has announced an exciting coverage line-up for the UEFA Euro 2020. With the kickoff of the highly anticipated EURO 2020 games set to...

    Oral Nicotine Can Be a Lifesaver For Tobacco Control In Africa

    By DR KGOSI LETLAPE, JOSEPH MAGERO and DR DELON HUMAN Case for Oral Nicotine: Several African governments still employ the quit-or-die approach to reduce death...

    ‘Ugali Man’ Charles Odongo Bags Endorsement Deal After Going Viral [VIDEO]

    He is the latest creator in Kenya reaping big from what is a fast evolving, multi-million shilling creative economy.

    How Connectivity Could Create More Jobs and Revenues

    High unemployment, especially among the youth, remains one of Kenya’s pressing socioeconomic challenges. Figures from June 2020 show that the pandemic exacerbated this, with...

    Exclusive Club Where Gun Owners Meet, Compete in Kenya [PHOTOS]

    The stunning range located in the middle of a Kiambu coffee farm is actually a rehabilitated quarry. Construction began in 2016. Now, it includes 12 bays which play host to gun-loving Kenyans everyday as well as various competitions.

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