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Poor Friends Will Prevent You From Achieving Your Dreams

While most people see the success, very few see the processes that moulded the prosperity of the person they admire.

20 New Life and Business Lessons From Chris Kirubi

When businessman Chris Kirubi says something on business, money and career, you better sit back and listen.

Use haters to succeed instead of complaining

Most studies done in Kenya reveal that 90% of startups fail in Kenya. So many reasons are given but giving a deaf ear to criticism is rarely given as a genesis of failure

6 ways to make it BIG like Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey

As British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said, success is walking from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm

The most overlooked factor of success

Finding a good partner is one of the fast tracks towards success and wealth. It can, however, be one of the fast tracks to failure

Chris Kirubi: If you’re poor, check your mind

Poverty is something many of you may know too well. It hurts and stings, making you feel less important than those who are privileged,...

Jack Ma: To achieve big success, solve big problems

Jack Ma’s rags to riches story has turned the 52-year-old into a global sensation. Ma, who hails from Hangzhou, China has challenged Kenyan entrepreneurs to...

Daughter Gives Chris Kirubi a Run for His Money

Despite having studied abroad, Maryann Musangi came back to spend most her time in the country, as well as doing business with Kenyans.

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Rose Ntong’ondu: Popcorn Hawker Who Owns a Multi-Million Beauty Empire

Rose Ntong'ondu, founder of Makeup by Rose, is a Kenyan-based makeup artist, teacher, mentor, and beauty entrepreneur.

Kenya Re New Awards to Stimulate Swift Premium Payment

The Kenya Reinsurance Corporation (Kenya Re) has launched an award scheme to recognise insurance companies that remit premiums on time. T

NSE Gets New CEO As Geoffrey Odundo Exits

The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) has appointed Frank Mwiti...

Uhuru’s Newspaper Dresses Down Ruto, Calls Him ‘Small-minded’

People Daily newspaper criticises President William Ruto and his administration, arguing “the disdain by the Ruto administration for the media has never been disguised.”

Kenya’s Minimum Wage is the Highest in East Africa

Kenya is putting many thousands of shillings in the pockets of those at the bottom end of the pay scale than any of her counterparts, Uganda and Tanzania, in East Africa - it has the highest minimum wage.