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For Ouko widow, a case of justice denied

Various high profile government personalities were fingered as the masterminds of Ouko's death, but the truth never came out

This is how to become Kenya’s next Total Man

Despite his death, Nicholas Biwott alias Total Man, will live on for quite some time. Hated and loved in equal measure, he remains an icon in the Kenya's history. Seemingly, he is the man who has held the majority number of ministerial posts (eight) in...

List: The 30 companies that Nicholas Biwott owned

Nicholas Biwott, until his death was among the richest men in Kenya. He was listed 14th richest man few years ago, but those who know the former minister’s wealth say the Ksh50 billion being quoted could just be a fraction of his empire. Information available shows...

Life after death: Coping with the loss of a loved one

Only two things are certain in life - death and taxes. No matter how much you expect death will hit, you can never be fully prepared for it. It at times hit at the worst moments. Just like in Kenya today, we are currently mourning...

Uhuru seeks to appoint Raila old citizens ambassador

In a letter signed by Naomi Omari, the Regional Coordinator for Kibra, she tells Raila that he is qualified to benefit from the Inua Jamii programme for older persons and wants him to take up the role of ambassador