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Cloud Services, AI Enhance Customer Experience

NTT Ltd, a leading IT infrastructure and services company and parent company of Dimension Data, has launched its 2023 Global Customer Experience Report, which reveals that customer experience (CX) remains a top management priority, with 91% of organizations now having a named an executive responsible for this business area. At...

MKU Hosts AI Hackathon Ahead Of IBM 2023 Code Global Challenge

Mount Kenya University (MKU) on July 13, 2023, hosted AI Hackathon as it looks to establish an AI research centre and participating in the prestigious IBM 2023 Call for Code Global Challenge. The AI Hackathon, held on the university campus, brought together a diverse group...

Kenya Seen As Hot Investment Destination For Machine Learning 

Kenya is set to experience a significant economic boost as Sama, which provides data annotation solutions that power AI models of the future, confirmed plans to enhance its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) investments locally.

Use Of Blockchain Technology In AI-Based Systems Can Increase Human Trust

Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence (AI) simplifies human lives and makes tasks that are within human capacity or even beyond it easier to complete. However, with convenience and simplicity comes a risk of reliability, and people begin to doubt its reliability. This problem is...

OP-ED: What’s Next for AI in Africa

IBM Research Africa has invited all academics, students, developers, researchers and AI practitioners to join the conversation on the future of AI and the role of the African computing community in inventing ‘What's Next for AI’ in Africa.

IBM Unveils New AI Designed to Help CIOs Automate IT Operations

New AI solutions tailored to help CIOs automate their IT infrastructures to be more resilient to future disruptions