Everest Park’s dream houses turn into a nightmare

Developers of Everest Park, the residential estate at the centre of a building quality row, have been given two weeks to prepare a plan...

World’s Richest Find a Second Home in Kenya

According to a new report by Knight Franck, more wealthy buyers from places like the UK, America and Italy, are looking to buy vacation property in Kenya

Real estate investors discover Kenya’s working class

The last 20 years of real estate boom in East Africa has changed our building landscape and inventory. As it quite rightly should have...

5 Real Estate Companies Selling Affordable Land in Nairobi

The dream to own a plot often turns into a nightmare as getting affordable land is about as hard as finding a good real estate company.

Two surest ways to get your dream house

Congratulations! You have decided to move away from renting to become a home owner. However, you are grappling with one key question: should you...

Karen vs. Runda: Which is the coolest place to stay?

Currently, Karen has 11 units of four-bedroom mansions listed for sale, down from 15 in the second quarter of 2016, reflecting a 26.7% drop. On the other hand, Runda has five similar units listed for sale up from four, reflecting a 25% increase

Xinhua building mixed-use Africa bureau in Nairobi

Its first purpose built office block outside Beijing to have both offices and residential houses

How Lloyd & Masika Built Multi-Billion Real Estate Empire

Its services include valuation, consultancy, management and agency (letting & sales). The name has led many to mistakenly believe that the firm was named after a person known as Lloyd Masika.

Home Buyers Take Possession of Sh4.7 Million Houses at Tatu City

Situated on Tatu City’s first main road, the British-Kenyan venture’s first 48 units are spread across four blocks with 12 apartments each.

Mizizi Africa Targets Millennial Buyers With New House Designs

They come in 3-bedroom bungalows and 5-bedroom maisonettes with a price range of between Sh4.2 Million and Sh6.5 Million respectively.