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Money and markets section. This covers stock market, equities, bonds, banks and insurance as well as agribusiness.

Investment guide for NSE stocks in 2019

The massive foreign investor outflow from the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) in the last two years presents a perfect opportunity to invest in the...

For Taj Mall owner, fighting government is part of business

Rameshchandra Govind Gorasia has been at war with authorities since mid-2016 and he's not about to throw in the towel

A quick guide to building a successful crypto portfolio

In an industry where most coins’ prices are influenced by hype and emotional trading, you must strive to retain your sanity

8 financial habits to start in your 20s

This is the best  time you can build the foundation of good habits that will help you mold your character and make the most out of your money in preparation for a better future

Bitcoin and the bubble theory

The unpredictable rise and fall in the cryptocurrency market is seen as a threat to bitcoin investors

Eight Insurance Terms You Should Know Before Taking Up A Cover

Every industry has its own terminologies. Some that sound so complicated for any person to understand. And when it comes to insurance you are...

Why You Should Buy a House Instead Of Renting it

Many people would rather rent a house than buy one. The underlying factor considered in this case is basically ‘renting is cheaper’ sort of...