Telkom needs magic words, not magic freebies

Kenyans love free lunches, don’t they? Therefore, what better way to bait them to a new or refurbished product, than by promising them freebies!...

The thin line between right and wrong in electoral politics PR

It’s an election year, right? Forget the fact that, even at the best of times, this country is perpetually on political campaign mode. There...

New service delivery charter should take CA closer to the people

Undertaking a roadshow only in Nairobi is like preaching to the converted. There is need to make CA operations felt at the grassroots level.

Presidential debate debacle raises pertinent governance issues

It is an opportunity for the media to put to task candidates on their past performance, role in the status quo and how they intend to move the country forward

Kenya should guard against resource related conflicts

Recent  ethnic acrimony over discovery of mineral deposits in Kenya has been captured  in a report published in April, 2016 by the United Nations...