The Kenyan PR industry still coming in from the cold

An occupation attains professional status when it has a systematic theory, authority, a sanction of the community, a code of ethics and professional culture

PR industry needs thorough cleaning to restore integrity

SELF-EVALUATION: The profession has attracted a big number of impressionable people with little or no idea of its tenets and mechanics

Who will clear up all this mess?

Lack of proper garbage disposal in Kenya has reached alarming levels. Nearly every other major urban centre is facing a crisis of mounting waste...

Kenya should guard against resource related conflicts

Recent  ethnic acrimony over discovery of mineral deposits in Kenya has been captured  in a report published in April, 2016 by the United Nations...

Rapid urbanisation worsening climate change

Over 50 per cent of the world’s population lives in urban areas, exacerbating climate change. According to the World Bank, this trend is increasing...