FIFA World Cup trophy tour and the idolisation of brands

The cup landed in a customized and branded Coca-Cola plane and was received like an international celebrity.

Brand Kenya takes a beating as political tension escalates

Kenya is fast garnering negative publicity arising from the September 1 Supreme Court decision that ruled the country must go back to the presidential polls in 60 days

Frontline public relations for support staff

These people comprise the “first responders”, the initial staff one encounters before getting to the higher echelons where specific services are offered

Equifax hack raises pertinent questions on safety of personal data

Even without hacking, credit card skimming is still big business for cyber criminals.

The Kenyan PR industry still coming in from the cold

An occupation attains professional status when it has a systematic theory, authority, a sanction of the community, a code of ethics and professional culture

17th annual judgement of the PR industry

Entries are open to members and non-members from business enterprises, associations, private and government bodies, and students pursuing PR studies

Larry Madowo’s ‘The Trend’ finally trots to an end

On June 30th, the curtains closed on one of the most popular entertainment shows on local television. The fourth and final season of “The...

Who will clear up all this mess?

Lack of proper garbage disposal in Kenya has reached alarming levels. Nearly every other major urban centre is facing a crisis of mounting waste...

Death of investigative reporting and rise of scandal as news

Either journalists have become lazy, commercial or plain incompetent. No wonder the Iinternet has become a major source of news

Political advertising is just one form of manipulation through media

It is critical that the government recruits experts to discern information broadcasted by the mushrooming vernacular stations