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Kenya’s current and future advertising fortunes

PwC report offers in-depth analysis of trends shaping the entertainment and media industry in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa and Nigeria

“Resist” campaign puts brand claims to the test

This is a painful lesson in brand building for corporate entities. Your brand is just as strong as your reputation

Citizen TV finally receives brand recognition

The widespread impact of Citizen TV on audiences struck me in the mid-2000s when I had a job that entailed travelling to far off places in the country

Brand Kenya takes a beating as political tension escalates

Kenya is fast garnering negative publicity arising from the September 1 Supreme Court decision that ruled the country must go back to the presidential polls in 60 days

Equifax hack raises pertinent questions on safety of personal data

Even without hacking, credit card skimming is still big business for cyber criminals.

17th annual judgement of the PR industry

Entries are open to members and non-members from business enterprises, associations, private and government bodies, and students pursuing PR studies

Give us more vibrant media interviews

Some journalists ask questions based on their personal political preferences, inclinations or bias using dichotomies that leave little or no room for objectivity. (SCROLL DOWN TO READ ARTICLE)

Did media abet and escalate trust issues in the General Election?

The media must undergo intensive training by constitutional and electoral experts on what to discern in this novel process.

The ‘Githeri man’ brand endorsement shows dearth of authenticity in local advertising

The use of Kimotho, though highly exploitative, helps to promote the changing mind-set that now appreciates local heroes and talent.

Death of investigative reporting and rise of scandal as news

Either journalists have become lazy, commercial or plain incompetent. No wonder the Iinternet has become a major source of news

Presidential debate debacle raises pertinent governance issues

It is an opportunity for the media to put to task candidates on their past performance, role in the status quo and how they intend to move the country forward

Fake lives equal fake news!

Fake news has been termed as a type of yellow journalism, an orientation which is based on sensationalism and crude exaggeration

Telkom needs magic words, not magic freebies

Kenyans love free lunches, don’t they? Therefore, what better way to bait them to a new or refurbished product, than by promising them freebies!...

Political advertising is just one form of manipulation through media

It is critical that the government recruits experts to discern information broadcasted by the mushrooming vernacular stations

The world of social media and those who are lost in the maze!

Ultimately, it is about the individual and what he or she wants to get from the millions of daily interactions online.

Larry Madowo’s ‘The Trend’ finally trots to an end

On June 30th, the curtains closed on one of the most popular entertainment shows on local television. The fourth and final season of “The...

New service delivery charter should take CA closer to the people

Undertaking a roadshow only in Nairobi is like preaching to the converted. There is need to make CA operations felt at the grassroots level.

How Ezekiel Mutua can do a better job at regulating film content

If you ask a Kenyan adult about the standards of morality in the country, you are bound to get a very negative opinion. It...

Are you ready for the big bang of digital disruption?

There is a natural mystic Blowing through the air If you listen carefully now you will hear This could be the first trumpet Might as well be the...

The carrot and stick in Govt withdrawal of direct advertising

Like other large corporate bodies, the government is a massive spender. In fact, most wealthy Kenyans have had the pleasure of doing substantial business...

Raila snub on Madaraka Day exposed Govt’s poor handling of public communication

In order to kowtow to the appointing authority, none of President Uhuru's hanlders has been brave enough to tell the King when he is naked!

The thin line between right and wrong in electoral politics PR

It’s an election year, right? Forget the fact that, even at the best of times, this country is perpetually on political campaign mode. There...

Of media paradigm shifts and big data for development

Media houses cannot run away or postpone fully embracing ICTs, unless they are suicidal

Professionalism should be on top of the agenda in PR governance

PRSK must break from the stereotypical image of a profession of good-looking ladies and gentlemen to intelligent and strategic communication thinkers

The Kenyan PR industry still coming in from the cold

An occupation attains professional status when it has a systematic theory, authority, a sanction of the community, a code of ethics and professional culture

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