Frontline public relations for support staff

These people comprise the “first responders”, the initial staff one encounters before getting to the higher echelons where specific services are offered

The Nuvita biscuits advertising s*****l

Creativity is the mainstay of advertising; so we cannot recommend spoiling the fun, or promoting mediocrity! Yet this poetic licence has been largely abused by advertisers

Brand Kenya takes a beating as political tension escalates

Kenya is fast garnering negative publicity arising from the September 1 Supreme Court decision that ruled the country must go back to the presidential polls in 60 days

The thin line between right and wrong in electoral politics PR

It’s an election year, right? Forget the fact that, even at the best of times, this country is perpetually on political campaign mode. There...

Who will clear up all this mess?

Lack of proper garbage disposal in Kenya has reached alarming levels. Nearly every other major urban centre is facing a crisis of mounting waste...

The carrot and stick in Govt withdrawal of direct advertising

Like other large corporate bodies, the government is a massive spender. In fact, most wealthy Kenyans have had the pleasure of doing substantial business...

Professionalism should be on top of the agenda in PR governance

PRSK must break from the stereotypical image of a profession of good-looking ladies and gentlemen to intelligent and strategic communication thinkers

Is NMG becoming too hot to handle?

In the face of continued political interference, only the truth will set Kenya's leading media house free

PR industry needs thorough cleaning to restore integrity

SELF-EVALUATION: The profession has attracted a big number of impressionable people with little or no idea of its tenets and mechanics

Presidential debate debacle raises pertinent governance issues

It is an opportunity for the media to put to task candidates on their past performance, role in the status quo and how they intend to move the country forward