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Where is Sh7bn? Nightmare for Kenyans Still Hiding Old Notes

Despite the shortfall, CBK Governor Dr Patrick Njoroge said the demonetization process went well and termed the process successful.

5 Devious Ways Kenyans are Using to Wash Dirty Sh1,000 Old Notes

CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge recently revealed that up to Ksh 100 billion in old Ksh 1,000 notes was still out there

Kenyans Relationship with Old Sh1,000 Notes Becomes Complicated

The period Kenyans were given by the Central Bank of Kenya to change the old Ksh1,000 notes is almost over. However, the old notes have already lost their value to some specific individuals and/or businesses. Walking around the country, you will notice warnings printed by...

Central Bank Retains Benchmark Rate at 9%

Committee says it will continue to closely monitor developments in the global and domestic economy, including any perverse response to its previous decisions, and stands ready to take additional measures as necessary

Kenyans Transfer Sh25bn From Mattresses to Banks as Deadline Nears for Old Notes

With just one month before the old Ksh 1,000 become valueless, the Central Bank of Kenya says Ksh 25 billion were returned to the formal financial system in a span of 30 days. According to data from the CBK, money held outside the banking system...

CBK Governor Allays Fears of Economic Disruption From New Generation Currency

The inflation rate stood at 5.7% in June and there have been fears that the switch from old to the new generation currency would push up inflation due to increased cash in circulation.