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African Stocks: Investing In The Last Big Emerging Market

There are currently 66 companies listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange in the capital, Nairobi. That makes it one of the largest on the continent.

Where To Invest And Grow Your Money For The Long Term

Investors with a near term investment horizon are better off investing in treasury bills and short-term treasury bonds, as well as high dividend paying stocks

Co-op Bank And 3 Other Shares To Buy For The Long Term

Stocks prices have been going down over the last three months since the onset of wár in Eastern Europe, which has halted supply of energy, metals, and agricultural supplies globally. Rising inflations globally has also necessitated central banks to hike interest rates, resulting in...

Three Long-Term NSE Stocks You Should Consider Buying

The ongoing Russía-Ukraine wár has sparked high volatility in the equities market especially in European and Asian markets, which has had a ripple effect in the emerging markets. This has however, posed some investment opportunities on some stocks at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE)...

Exinity Launches New Trading Service For Retail Clients In Kenya

Exinity, a risk-driven trading investment company, has launched ExinityTraderin Kenya, a new trading service for retail clients.   Exinity Trader, a trading platform, brings access to opportunities in equity, forex, and commodity markets with the promise of low trading costs and great customer support. Exinity Trader...

NBK De-Lists From Stock Market After KCB Takeover

A statement from the NSE said the formerly state-owned bank, which now operates as a subsidiary of KCB, will leave the NSE on 25th November, marking yet another low moment for the stock market.