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Foreign journalists defend New York Times editor over graphic photos

Kimiko de Freytas Tamura, the newspaper's bureau chief in Nairobi, has come under fire from Kenyans on Twitter after the photos published alongside her reporting

Arrogant New York Times fails to learn from CNN, Fox blunders

In one of the most insensitive replies to outrage on their reportage of the Riverside Attack, New York Times says uploading pictures of victims of deadly attacks is their 'editorial policy'

Facebook breach of your private data revealed in New York Times expose

Social network site allowed more access to big tech companies than it has previously revealed

UK newspaper revels in not forcing readers to subscribe

The Guardian reaches one million supporters by asking readers to contribute financially to help the newspaper

Quality journalism pushes New York Times subscriptions to record high

Newspaper CEO says New York Times is now read in every country on earth

Fact-checking: A new hope in fake news land

The war for truth may just be won by facts