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How Covid-19 is Changing Claims Trends and Risk Exposures For Companies

AGCS report: traditional property and liability claims have been subdued during lockdowns but this was more than outweighed by a surge in Covid-19 related claims notifications, particularly from the entertainment industry

mTek App Digitizing Insurance Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Just like any other industry, the insurance sector is witnessing a seismic shift towards the adoption of new technologies

High Score for Jubilee Insurance on Financial Stability

Cytonn Investments Management Limited has released the 2019 first half Insurance Report, which ranks Jubilee Insurance as the most attractive insurance company from both a potential return and financial health perspective. The report, Regulation and Consolidation to Drive Attractiveness, analyzed the half one 2019...

Technology Offers Better Cover Against Insurance Fraud

The insurance market is a dynamic sector offering increasingly sophisticated products to its customers and providing competition to other parts of the financial services industry.  The global insurance sector’s growth over the last few years has increased dramatically.  Unfortunately, being a dynamic market with...

ICEA Pioneers Cancer Treatment Cover in Kenya

Incidences of the cancer disease have been steadily increasing lately as families of those infected having to spend a fortune trying to manage the killer disease. With the cases rising, ICEA Lion Group on Tuesday launched a cancer insurance cover with premiums from Ksh165...

5 Unmissable Steps to Becoming Your Own Boss

Starting a business and becoming your own boss is not impossible if you have the persistence.