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40 Forex Scams Costing Kenyans Millions – CMA Reveals

The CMA noted that investors were promised returns of as high as 20 per cent. One alleged scam mastermind operating from Nakuru was said to collect funds of between Sh5,000 and Sh20,000 from clients while promising them a daily return of 10 percent from the day the money is invested

How to Open An Online Trading Account in Kenya

A Trading Account is a platform where traders can buy or sell assets. This is usually facilitated by a securities broker. This Trading Account is linked to a dematerialized account which holds investment assets like equity shares, bond securities, derivative contracts, CFDs, etc in an electronic form. This Trading Account is also linked to your bank account which holds the cash. So whenever a trader wants to buy more assets, they can directly transfer the funds from their bank account to the trading account.

Technology Drives An Inclusive Trading Market

Best Stock Brokers: Governments, businesses, social lives, and education have all been influenced by technological advancements. People nowadays have easy access to the resources and information they require to maintain and operate their enterprises. The stock market is one of the sectors where technology...

Why You Should Choose Trading Cryptocurrencies Over Forex

Bitcoin vs. Forex: Trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can prove to be a great way to make profits. However, many traders imagine they can make a profit by trading the major currency pairs only. Things started to change when traders and brokers realized how lucrative...

How To Trade Forex For Beginners?

Forex For Beginners: Want to know how to trade forex? This forex guide offers basic aspects to better understand what the largest financial market in the world is about. Forex is a world currency market; it is the largest and most liquid. Forex is...

How To Make Money From Forex Trading

Foreign exchange trading is simply the practice of buying a currency in the belief that it will rise in value compared to others. Forex traders may work as ‘day traders’ where they buy and sell positions in currency within the same trading day, or they may take a longer-term view and hold currency in the belief that it will strengthen over time.