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Jail Term Or Fine: Chiloba Sets Tough Consequences For Kenyans Who Fail To Register SIM Cards Afresh

Those in possession of unregistered SIM cards or improperly unregistered SIM cards face fines of up to Ksh300,000 or serve a jail term of six months or both. This is according to new regulations set by the Communications Authority (CA) aimed at pushing Kenyans to...

Your Chance to Own a TV/Radio Station – Chiloba Crackdown Frees up Frequencies, Nets Ksh100M

This was confirmed by Director-General Ezra Chiloba who noted that a full report would be published in March. He highlighted that the crackdown was successful as the notice led to broadcasters scrambling to become compliant leading to the authority making Ksh100 million in a month.

Telco Wars: Chiloba Battles Safaricom Over Lower Rates

The MTR is the rate telcos charge each other for interconnecting customers. The review was announced by Chiloba in December and was to take effect at the start of the year before Safaricom moved to court

Chiloba Slashes Call Rates in Latest CAK Action

Analysts note that the slashing of the rate could likely spark a price war among leading telcos.

Capital FM, NRG Radio Frequencies Revoked in CAK Crackdown

Capital FM and NRG Radio are among several radio and TV stations which had their frequencies revoked and broadcast license offers cancelled by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA-K) on December 22, 2021.

Return Of Ezra Chiloba: Former IEBC CEO Gets High-Profile Gov’t Job

Mr Chiloba found himself on the receiving end after the annulled 2017 presidential elections which was blamed on malfunctioning of voting kits. Prior to Chiloba’s exit, IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati had suspended him over procurement issues at the commission.