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Automation and AI; What’s the Real Difference?

Automation and AI have revolutionized several industries. Industries have installed automated systems to increase production.

Exciting Technology Trends in 2020 Everyone Must Get Ready For Now

Extended Reality is expected to make its entry in the business world in 2020 to create more immersive digital experiences.

Fraudsters to Fight Harder for Vehicle Insurance Cake

A research released in April 2019 noted that only 60% of motorists polled in Nairobi can confirm a full insurance cover.

Company to Scrape Your Phone Data to Rate You For Loans

CredoLab collects more than 50,000 data points from a customer’s smartphone through a state-of-the-art propriety mobile technology

New AI Technology to Detect Risk of a Heart Attack

Technology developed using artificial intelligence (AI) by researchers at the University of Oxford could identify people at high risk of a fatal heart attack at least 5 years before it strikes. The new biomarker called Fat Radiomic Profile (FRP) detects biological red flags in the...

HF Group Whatsapp Banking Goes Live

The implementation allows customers to interact with the bank through WhatsApp for functions such as virtual account opening, funds transfers, loans, bill payments and goods purchases, among other services