Inside Waititu’s Multi-Billion Property Empire [PHOTOS]

He maintains that he became wealthy before he plunged into politics, stating: “I want people to know that even before venturing in politics 20 years ago when I was elected councilor, I was already driving a Mercedes limousine and a Range Rover besides owning a palatial home in Nairobi and running 25 lorries on the road.”

FALSE: Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka Was Not Booed In Nakuru

The Daily Post, an online content aggregator, posted a tweet on 23rd September 2021 claiming that Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka was nearly beaten...

MKF: Who are the Billionaire Power Brokers Meeting Raila?

The Mount Kenya Foundation comprises an influential group of businesspeople from Central Kenya who put their billions to work for Presidential candidates as a matter of routine.

Dennis Itumbi’s HNIB: Propaganda Machine or DP’s Secret W****n?

The self-declared 'Hustler Nation Spokesman' has always had a knack for stirring political conversations, but in 2021 his strategy took an interesting turn with the creation of the 'Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB)'.

2022: 5 Celebrities Gunning for Top Seats

Big-name, seasoned politicians aren't the only ones gearing up for the next General elections which are less than a year away.

Eric Omondi Opens a New Lifeline For Celebrities

While many are seeing the money side, they are missing the real deal: This is a political season and Mr Wanjigi has launched a different campaign where he is seeking to use someone he believes can deliver some influence to his side, especially among the youthful population.

How Political Interests Frustrate Vision 2030 – Secretariat Boss Reveals

"To get any project off the ground is a miracle in itself," he admitted, noting that they needed to jump through several hoops.

FAKE: This YouTube Channel Is Not Run By IEBC

A YouTube channel purported to be owned and operated by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is fake. An article published on a Facebook...

10 Smart Ways to Cash in on Election Season in Kenya

You don't have to be a politician or political operative to profit from the electioneering season. Enterprising Kenyans can make money in a clean way by identifying and latching onto various opportunities that come with the political frenzy.

UhuRuto Deal That Cost Kenyans Ksh245 Billion – Jimi Wanjigi

Questioned on where his relationship with Uhuru and Ruto broke down, Wanjigi stated that it was a matter of disagreement over policy.