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The 9 Lives of Radio Queen Caroline Mutoko and Her Meticulous...

Another feather on her cap is that she is a graduate of Harvard Business School and UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Inside 5 Presenters’ Multi-Million Car Collections [PHOTOS]

“I gave my speed bike to my kid bro who turned 30! Plus I have a new Quad/All-Terrain Bike. Before I turn 40, I would want to drive a Bentley Bentayga or G 63 AMG,” Weru noted in a past interview.

Jalang’o’s Social Media Campaign Secures Future for Financially Challenged Boy

Jalang'o also mentioned that there must be bigger problems at the boy's home, which he believed could be handled with the great help of well-wishers and larger cooperates.

Citizen’s Gospel Show Host Emotionally Bids GoodBye to TV

Citizen TV has lost its gospel show host, Holy Dave, who has said that he is taking a break from TV to focus on his personal life affairs.

Going Gets Tough for TV Queens Betty Kyalo and Anne Kiguta

Betty and Anne are among the highest-paid journalists whose presence is being re-evaluated against value delivered.

PesaCheck Appoints New Managing Editor

Incubated by Code for Africa (CfA), PesaCheck has in recent years grown to become one of the leading fact-checking media platforms on the continent.

Standard calls staff meeting to announce layoff

Anxiety has hit fever pitch at Standard Media Group as the impending restructuring draws closer.The company has called a staff meeting early tomorrow morning...

KTN Left Reeling as Key Editor Set to Join International Broadcaster

Its back to square one for KTN who now have to figure out how to replace a key editor with similar replacements hard to come by in the market

KTN Gets New Top Editor as Standard Boss Shuffles Depleted Desk

Standard Editor in Chief Ochieng Rapuro moves to replace sacked Managing Editor a day after the media house trimmed its numbers