You could be broke even with high income

Earning big does not guarantee financial stability. If you don't create a protective cushion against financial uncertainty, you can easily plunge into bankruptcy

Caroline Mutoko launches a revolutionary movement

Former KISS FM radio presenter Caroline Mutoko has launched a new initiative to mentor young leaders. Through the Caroline Mutoko Leadership Award, the media manager...

Main risks covered under comprehensive car insurance

There are three main types of car insurance in Kenya namely Comprehensive, Third Party, Fir.e & Thef,t (TP&FT), and Third Party Only (TPO). The...

6 Ways To Monitor Your Child’s Progress In School

Since the time when a child enters school, it is the parent’s responsibility to monitor their progress. It is not just about making sure...

How to Get a Work Permit in Kenya

Foreign nationals wishing to be employed by a Kenyan entity are required to apply for a Kenyan work permit. The different classes will depend on the specific circumstances of the applicant.

How Joho turned D-minus into a grade A lifestyle

Winston Churchill once said: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” This rings very true when you look at Hassan...

Five principles that build strong relationships

When you refocus and practice acceptance, your level of tolerance and understanding greatly increases

5 signs you’re sleeping on a bad mattress

Sleeping on a bad mattress can take a toll on the quality of your sleep and your health

Chris Kirubi: If you’re poor, check your mind

Poverty is something many of you may know too well. It hurts and stings, making you feel less important than those who are privileged,...

What You Should Know Before Operating Drones in Kenya

Drones in Kenya: Drone operations have spurred innovation within the aviation industry globally. In Kenya, drones have captured the interest of individuals and organisations...