Top 5 Effective Ways to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

These simple techniques can help you cope with fear of public speaking. When the fear is gone, you will see how insignificant it was and how much you could have lost if you had given in to it.

How to Choose the Right Water Tank

When it comes to getting the right water tank for your industrial use or home use there are lots of things you want to consider on how to choose the right water tank. From the size of the tank, to the shape you will want to ensure that you get a tank that will last, and one that fits the purpose. It can be costly getting the wrong tank and if you do not get one that is fit for your purpose you will end up spending more money in the future a lot sooner.

What You Should Know Before Operating Drones in Kenya

Drones in Kenya: Drone operations have spurred innovation within the aviation industry globally. In Kenya, drones have captured the interest of individuals and organisations...

How to Get a Work Permit in Kenya

Foreign nationals wishing to be employed by a Kenyan entity are required to apply for a Kenyan work permit. The different classes will depend on the specific circumstances of the applicant.

Everyday Habits of Successful People

Your success in life depends on your habits which are what defines you. Some habits derail you, making it hard for you to grow...

Essential Tips For Surviving a Lockdown

Everyone is trying desperately to remain sane in a world that seems to be bordering on the insane, as Coronavirus ravages countries.

Six Ways to Bounce Back After Losing a Job

Kenya’s corporate sector continues to lay off workers citing hard economic times that threaten the survival of long-established firms.

Simple But Often Ignored Life Hacks For Safety in Nairobi

The most important thing is to ensure that you always have an alibi to get you off the hook should the worst happen.

20 New Life and Business Lessons From Chris Kirubi

When businessman Chris Kirubi says something on business, money and career, you better sit back and listen.

10 types of handshakes and what they mean

Just like handwriting, how a person shakes hand is also a clue to their inner nature. Nowhere will you find a larger variety in...