Legendary Talk Show Host Larry King Dies at 87

He hosted “ Larry King Live” on CNN for over 25 years.

How Kenyan Family Turned a Holiday Home Into Booming Business

Unknown to many, the resort is actually a family business that started as a holiday home built in 2015.

Betty Kyalo Making a Comeback

On a general scale, at her recent peak, Betty rivaled big guns in TV like Jeff Koinange, Hussein Mohammed and Yvonne Okwara-Matole.

Obituary: Private Sector Champion Who Inspired Journalists

From Kilyungi Village, Keli Kiilu worked his way to be the go-to person in matters media, government, regional trade and industry.

Beyond Social Media Backlash, Angie Magio is Nothing Like Her TV...

For Magio, the backlash isn’t surprising, especially for a character who’s an obstacle in the tortuous love story between the titular Selina.

Kenya’s Bravest Paraplegic Says Walking is Overrated

Kirwa says he had to push himself and believe beyond doubt that no situation is permanent.

A Cow Fine Forced Archbishop Ndingi Mwana ‘a Nzeki to School

Mzee Nzeki, wanting to escape the fine, volunteered a son to go to school

Announcing a Lockdown is Easy, Maintaining One is Near Impossible for...

Kenyans will be contemplating whether to die of starvation or risk being infected with Covid-19 but at least get some food.

Bitange Ndemo: I Sleep on an Empty Stomach

Ndemo says that despite his busy schedule, he has had to make time to ensure that he stays fit to keep up with the demands of the field he is in

No Electricity? No Problem For Kitui County’s Remotest Dwellers

The rural Kitui settlers sing songs of praise to an NGO that has provided them with an off-grid solar solution at a very low price.