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At Nairobi National Park, a Lion Is Given a ‘State Funeral’

On 18th June this year, the Nairobi National Park lost a key member of its jungle. The big cat, named Sirikoi, was described by...

Six Foolish Ways Fraudsters Are Using To Con Kenyans

It is baffling how people are losing money easily to fraudsters in this country. This is despite the tragedies of the Pyramid/Ponzi, the quail...

Thousands Of Jobs For Kenyan Nurses In UK, Italy And Kuwait

Already, the Ministry of Health in conjunction with the British High Commission has dispatched the first batch of 19 Kenyan nurses to work at the United Kingdom’s (UK) National Health Service.

5 Top Kenyan Actresses and Where to Find Them

Most people will agree that Serah Ndanu has always been in a league of her own, from her Kalasha-winning role in Rugged Priest to her femme fatale role in Dorothy Ghettuba’s Swahili soap opera Sumu la Penzi. But perhaps her range on screen is most evident in her distinct portrayal of warring twin sisters Linda and Nicole in the Kenyan Showmax Original thriller series Igiza.

KTB Launches Campaign To Boost Domestic Tourism

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) has launched a domestic tourism marketing campaign aimed at boosting efforts to revitalize the tourism industry. Consequently, the Board has...

Ambassador Retracts Visa Notice as Kenyans Cry Foul

Citizens had flooded the pages of various European embassies with enquiries over the directive.

Marry Today, Divorce Tomorrow: Judges Who Ruled To Break Marriages

Married recently and want out? You can start processing your divorce papers today, thanks to a court ruling that has nullified a law that...

Hana Kuma Company Name Causes Nightmares For Kenyans

Japanese tennis superstar Naomi Osaka launched her own media company as she diversifies from the court to Hollywood. The company, whose name Hana Kuma...

Fortune Hunters: First Kenyan To Bank a Billion Started Off As...

The patriarch of one of Kenya’s wealthiest families joined the civil service in 1965 after being appointed an economic advisor. He would then serve as permanent secretary in various ministries including Agriculture, Finance and Economic Planning.

Mandatory Masks Make a Comeback as Covid Cases Spike

Kenyans will be required to wear masks in public service vehicles (PSVs), supermarkets, churches, mosques,  offices and flights.