NHIF’s Billion-Shilling Move that Leaves Kenyans Exposed

NHIF administrative costs have been at par with the critical spending on surgeries, renal dialysis, maternity services and cancer treatment.

AstraZeneca Joins Call For Resilient Health System In Kenya

AstraZeneca’s Healthy Heart Africa programme, the Pan-African Society of Cardiology (PASCAR) and other stakeholders have emphasized the need to build resilient health systems in...

Nairobi Women’s Hospital Takeover Likely With US Investors Deal

For the past two weeks, the hospital has been roiling in the aftermath of a scandal that has threatened the very existence of the hospital.

City Girls Embrace Exercise to Fight Corona and Keep Fit

In Kayole, East of Nairobi, you can spot people, both men and women, jogging in the morning and this is replicated across many estates.

Scientists Make Breakthrough to Prevent Hair-Loss During Cancer Treatment

Researchers from the University of Manchester have come up with a new way of protecting hair follicles from chemotherapy. This was in an effort...

Bank Backs Health Campaign By Waiving Transaction Fees

Management has also enhanced its cleaning and sanitation procedures to allow regular and thorough cleaning of shared space.

How Medical Bills Are Driving People Into Poverty

In a country that is largely without medical cover for the masses, out-of-pocket spending prevents many from seeking medical care

Marriage Protects Aging Couples from Dementia

Marriage protects couples from developing mental inability in old age